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how to use a script to retrieve memory blocks (data) and use them to simulate and compare with matlab

Question asked by kftouhi on Dec 14, 2011
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After a long absence (I was in school for a training), I return to DSP programming, and also the problems that go with it.
To simulate my code, (FIR filtering for example), I use Memory => Fill (see screenshot) to get my values to be tested, and I have to do it every time I retest the code. Also, I use "Memory => Dump" to generate an output file, I get and I compare with my Matlab's results.I wonder if it's possible to do all these manipulations (repeated each time) using a script, which fetches the data to be processed from memory blocks, inserts them in the place of treatment and generates an output file, which will be compared with Matlab.

I do not know if there is already a script that does that I want, or whether to create one (and especially how do it), I am asking for your help and your talent  to find a solution to my recurring problem.


Feel free to give any advice that might advance the discussion.