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ADuCM350 EKSP - Timeout issue

Question asked by Nuclear-Pulse-Drive on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Nuclear-Pulse-Drive


Problem: I keep getting the "VISA: Timeout expired before operation completed", when trying to run the ADuCM350 EKSP software.



I recently aquired an ADuCM350EBZ, followed the installation guides, downloaded IAR, software and drivers.
The serial downloader works fine, and the firmware installs without error.

The AduCM350 EKSPsoftware locates the comport and connects.
But whenever I try to run the program ("go") I either get the "VISA: Timeout expired before operation completed", or sometimes the UART handshake error (the UART error stops when I press reset, but the timeout remains).

Any pointers to how to fix this?

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