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Which field uses ADIS16137BMLZ?(I mean which companies or laboratories use that gyro scope?) Please give me some examples.

Question asked by wontak on Apr 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by NevadaMark

Dear Manager of Analog Devices,
This is LEE from Space Craft LAB, Korea Aerospace Univ.
We are going to use upper Gyro sensor to make satellite simulator.
As you know, satellite simulator requires high-precision techniques. But Our Laboratory is belong to Univ. so, we needed to choose proper model.
Finally we could find this model as our sensor. But we still have a doubt(question) about it's appropriacy to our field.(Attitude Control)
if you don't mind, may I ask which field of companies or laboratories have used this model?
I mean 'Is this suitable model or proper sensor to estimate Attitude?'
please let me know which research field is suitable to this sensor.
We already chech all the information of Catalog and from the googling, So we want specific application examples of this model
I know this is quite annoying requirement to you, but I'll be so glad if you help me.
Thank you.
Best wishes, LEE