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Problem with 10MHz External Reference

Question asked by pwz on Apr 27, 2018
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When using 10M as external reference clock input and set scale to 1x 2x 1/2x but fonnd out all initial script fail. The reference clock is from VSG generator, AC couple, 1.3Vpp。

When changing to  20M / 40M,  AD9361 works!   So there is no need to doubt my hardware & software  driver is not OK.


1/4 scale setting is possible as  vco frenquency range  of bbpll  limits. 


I found  two tips 

one   is 

 mhennerich    in 


said: "I just checked again - and 10MHz work without problem.
A few things need to be considered."

a) using external clock the XO must be disabled.

See here: AD9361 Device Driver Customization [Analog Devices Wiki]

adi,xo-disable-use-ext-refclk-enable must be set.


b) The clock must be specified for 10MHz


ad9361_clkin: clock@0 {
#clock-cells = <0>;
compatible = "fixed-clock";
clock-frequency = <10000000>;
clock-output-names = "ad9361_ext_refclk";


c) And then most important the level at the XTALN pin must not exceed 1.3Vpp.

I used a board with the Crystal removed.


Then everything works expected.



But I stil working on this ways. It c code writing in driver style , i need some time to go through and figure out how to mapping to my initiial scripts.


Other tips as follow but..., you know ,still helpless to me .


Problem with 10MHz External Reference 


And all initial script code are post there, can someone show me how me some tips to figure out this issue.

  Sincerely thanks !