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building bf518lwip stack with various options

Question asked by chris1 on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by SrinivasG


        I am currently running a desktop with the new 518brd(national ethernet) on a vdsp update 8, and a laptop with the old bf518brd(micrel ethernet) on a vdsp update 10. As i want to allow debugging, i open the liblwip-bf518 project, modify the options, and perform a build. This works perfectly on my desktop, but when i perform the same operation on the laptop, i recieve 6 compile errors stating identifier sys_mutex_t is undefined in .../include/lwip/sys.h which causes ...api/api_lib.c to fail compilation. I remember reading in the release notes for update 10 that it was incompatible with bf518 beta update, but i see no mention of the "beta update" in any other documentation, so i am unsure what it is referring to. Do i need to implement an older update on my laptop for it to work? Furthermore, once i am able to get the library project to build, do i simply copy paste the .tcp file and its associated header into my application project? Thanks for any information you can provide in clearing up my confusion.