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Power Supplying Condition for HMC1013LP4E ?

Question asked by Jiwon.Lee on Apr 27, 2018
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I found abnormal Vout with HMC1013LP4E without input signal, just power on.

In data sheet(HMC1013LP4E), Vout's typ. min value is 0.9V and Vcc. absolute maxmimum value is +3.6V.


- Abnormal output : Some of parts in my hand showed 0.5V Vout with 3.1V~ 3.25V Vcc.

                               Tested 60ea, 20 parts showed abnormal output(<0.5V), others are normal(0.9V)

                               When I increas the supply voltage from 3.1V~ 3.25V to 3.3V, Vout went to normal output.

                                Please refer to attched screen shot.


Question 1) : What is the minimum supply voltage ?

Question 2) : If Vcc=3.1V is within the power supplying range, Is Vout=0.5V normal or not ?

Question 3) : Is there needed rising time for Vcc ?