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AD9266 Output Noise

Question asked by Yuya on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by TonyM


My customers are considering the AD9266, output noise does not fit and I am looking for a solution.


The input was short-circuited and connected to Vcm (Vcm = 1 V) for measurement. Then, the noise appeared about 2 mVp-p.

In previous answers about 2 mVp-p was pointed out that it is large (usually about 580 uV).
But I have not found a cause yet.


I would like to compare it with the raw data of the evaluation board.
Please short the input of the evaluation board and connect to Vcm.
Then, in this state, please measure the output noise and get data on the time domain data, FFT result?


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