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Diff-Amp Calculator bugs running on german Windows(7) version?

Question asked by Alexxx on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by AnneM



I have recently installed the Diff-Amp Calculator. But there seems to be a mess-up of decimal point and thousands comma (English) versa decimal comma and thousands point (German & EU).
The calculator starts up with weird values - see screenshot:

The preset values are displayed with decimal point, but it looks like the values are treated as having
the german 1000-seperator point.
- Also an Ambient Temperature of 250 degrees Celsius (482 Fahrenheit) is a little bit above a reasonable temperature...
But look, there is a (decimal) comma displayed!
- The Vspp voltage have both point an comma in it.
With german interpretation the "4.000,0" means four thousand!

- Look at the warning message it seems that the +/- 5V (with english decimal points) where interpreted as +/- 5000 Volts,
which amounts to "10.000,0" that is in german writing 10kV - and that is above 11V. That's true, but weird!

This is also true for the other input boxes. This is really an annoying behaviour!
It makes the calculator almost unusable - what a pitty!

- With the LTC6363 the maximum rating for maximum supply voltage is stated 28V here. Data sheet says 11V!


The version number is 4.0xxx!!! How can this be with those fundamental bugs? Unbelievable!

So with my critics I've tried to stay as polite as is possible to me and not saying what's circling in my mind...
Are these bugs get corrected somedays?


Kind regards