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Using 2 board AD9371 with Zynq Ultrascale ZCU102?

Question asked by trungnguyen on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by trungnguyen

Dear all,

I hope someone can answer my doubt as in the question.


I want to connect 2 AD9371 boards to Zynq Ultrascale ZCU102 for testing multichip synchronization. 

My first intention was plugging 2 AD9371 boards in FMC_HPC0 and FMC_HPC1 of ZCU102 (ES1).


However, after investigating schematic of ZCU102, I found HPC1 does not support 2 important pins  FMC_HPC1_LA33_P/N ( corresponding to pins  G34 and G37 or  FPGA_SYSREF_P and FPGA_SYSREF_N of AD9371).


So I want to ask, is it possible for ONE ZCU102 board working with 2 AD9371s?

Thanks and best regards,
Trung Nguyen