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AD9364 RX chain Configuration to 1024KHz

Question asked by sviswanadh on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by travisfcollins
In one of the design we are using AD9364 as transceiver, with a 19.44MHz clock is fed as reference to it.  


We could able to get the sampled data at 303.750KHz and twice of this. To get these following configuration is made. 
In function "AD9361_InitParam default_init_param"
rx_path_clock_frequencies :  {933120000, 14580000, 4860000, 2430000, 1215000, 303750}


But we are failing to get sample data at 1024KHz at the output of AD9364 RX chain. 
rx_path_clock_frequencies :  {983040000, 49152000, 16384000, 8192000, 4096000, 1024000}
What could be the wrong in this configuration. 
Pl suggest any configuration that can provide 1024Khz and its multiples.
Thanks & Regards
Sai Viswanadh Chukka