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cc3047 error on special compile options

Question asked by pfeifferc on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by bookevg

hi !

i get a cc3047 error: 'files\ipv4' does not exist if i enable the Option: save temporary files (-save-temps)


for me it seems that my Project Directory is not correct parsed/processed for this. see the complete error

my dir is "source files/..." and for the -g Option i couldn't see this complete path ???

i'm able to Compile the Code without this Options, but i Need the temp-files to see the generated asm-code from cc-Compiler for optimizations(because mixed mode view, like in VDSP is missed in cces !!)


ccblkfn.exe -c -file-attr ProjectName="Spider88_Core0" -proc ADSP-BF607 -flags-compiler --no_wrap_diagnostics -si-revision 0.2 -g -save-temps -path-output ./. Files/Ethernet -ED -D_DEBUG -DCORE0 @includes-d31ea7b9bab8fa57f4aac1ce60aaa879.txt -structs-do-not-overlap -no-const-strings -no-multiline -rtcheck-stack -warn-protos -D__PROCESSOR_SPEED__=500000000 -double-size-32 -decls-strong -no-cplbs -sdram -gnu-style-dependencies -MD -Mo "Source Files/Ethernet/adi_micrel8795_phy.d" -o "Source Files/Ethernet/adi_micrel8795_phy.doj" "../Source Files/Ethernet/adi_micrel8795_phy.c"
cc3047: {D} error: `Files\ipv4' does not exist
ccblkfn.exe: 1 error detected


Kind regards chris