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Booting BF506F from internal FLASH in synchronous mode

Question asked by climb2him on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by climb2him

I am having trouble booting a BF506F on the EZ-KIT from internal flash, when it is set to synchronous burst mode. The executable will run both in L1 RAM and in the FLASH.  When I boot from internal flash in asynchronous mode, the program works fine.  When I boot in synchronous burst mode, the program works until it executes the FLASH portion, then crashes.  For both cases, during the initialization portion of the program, the EBIU_MODECTL is changed to asynchronous flash mode, then the EBIU_AMBCTL register is set up with the correct timing for the processor speed I'm using. I've set up the .ldf file and programmed the flash according to DOC-1274.


Does anyone have any suggestions?