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ADC with ENOB>16, built-in FIFO, and threshold detection

Question asked by xavierldb on Apr 25, 2018
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I am developing a vibration monitoring sensor where I need to continuously store and do threshold detection on data coming from 3 geophones. The main goal for this product being to be as low-power as possible, my current best solution is to use an external ADC (I need more bits than what the common MCU 12-bit ADCs can offer) that would wake-up the MCU at every sample. Then the MCU would store, compare and go back to sleep if it isn't above the threshold. Otherwise, it would start recording.

That being said, the ideal solution to save even more power would be to have an ADC that offers an ENOB > 16, a built-in FIFO, and does threshold detection. This way I would only need to wake-up the MCU when the FIFO is full or when the threshold is passed, which would save a lot of power. I have not been able to find such an ADC yet but perhaps someone has encountered one and would have some suggestions?

I am also open to any other low-power integrated solution that could sample, store, and do threshold detection.

Thanks for the help!


Xavier Lajoumard de Bellabre