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AD7193 (PmodAD5) with Arduino Uno to Capture real time (low freq. and amplitude) signals

Question asked by virk_ps on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by AnneM


i am using Arduino Uno connected to PModAD5 to capture some real time signals from a geophone ( ~500 Hz and ~10mv) , i am using the arduino library written by you AnneM for this. there is an example Voltage Measure in that library , and i am trying to use that to sample some AC signals from signal generator (i have tried sine wave , ramp upto 60-80Hz) , but unfortunately when i plot the sampled signals i am unable to get the same waveform as the input. so, i tried to change the sampling rate (output data rate) by changing the value of mode register as according to the datasheet of AD7193. 


but still i just see 7-8 samples per sec on the serial monitor. 

can you please help me with this?