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EVAL 6350/6300/6301 ref clock LVPECL connectivity

Question asked by patsburg on Apr 24, 2018
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(Please refer to attached file for the picture. thanks!)

I use 6300/6301 in my design and refer to EVAL6350 as a reference. I find some strange connectivity between clock buffer SY100EP11UKG and 6300/6301 connector. Can anyone help clarify the reason.

In the schematics of EVAL 6350, the connectivity is as below:

I study the datasheet of SY100EP11 that the output Q0/1 p/n are compatible with LVPECL level standard. Meanwhile, datasheet of 6300/6301 also states that REFCLK or 6300/6301 meet LVPECL level standard. It means LVPECL—LVPECL DC or AC connecting topology can be used between them. The circuit diagram is as followed.


                   AC coupling                                                             DC coupling

SY100EP11UKG datasheet also show the same circuit diagram.


So, how to explain the circuit type in EVAL 6350 schematic??