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AD698:quesions about A/B module(applied in LVDT)

Question asked by anord on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by isantos

Our company intends to produce LVDT sensors。So we buy CN0301 and Measurement Specialties, Inc. E-100 Economy Series LVDT for experiment .

Now I have two questions:

1.The figure8 in AD698 datasheet, AIN of  A Channel connect to the secondary output of the LVDT ; Excitation signals connect to phase/Lead circuit and compensates for the −3°of primary to secondary phase shift of the E-100 series LVDT (CN0301) . After that, the signal connect to ACOMP. And AIN signal flip from negative half to positive half with ACOMP,is that right.Why  ACOMP do not connect to AIN , is this not going to be more accurate ?


2..About A/B moduleduty cycle divider,In this application of figure8 and figure6  in AD698 datasheet,the phase shift of the E-100 series LVDT is  −3°, so Phase difference between A channel and B channell is −3°, is that right ? When the signal from A channel and B channel both connet to A/B Blockduty cycle divider), How did A/B deal with this Phase difference ?

When i use different LVDT,the phase shift is difference , like e100 is −3°, e200 is −5° ,e300 is −8.5° . How did A/B deal with this Phase difference ?