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RF Output of ADF4350

Question asked by pankaj on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by pankaj

If we see page 27 of ADF4350 which is output matching, describes ways to configure output. The balun as shown in figure 39 works and I have personally used successfulyy in one of the design. Now my problem is to shrink that design. If I continue using 0603 components then layout becomes big.


In short I want to know whether we can use Balun to combine output of ADF4350 or not?

If I take reference of previous discussion I can see reference to TC-1-1-43 from mini circuit. but this does not have mid point. If I am not mistaken we need tie VCC to RF output pin. This is causing some confusion in Balun selection.


I am planning to use a Balun+filter combo from johanson 2450FB15A050


any suggestions?