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(ADV7480)About checking frame rate and aspect ratio.

Question asked by donadona999s on Apr 24, 2018
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Hi !


I have few questions about the title.

I asked about this at the past thread.

(ADV7480)To check frame rate and aspect ratio. 



How does ADV7480 measure these information?

There is no infoframe when Tx is sending DVI so I am concerned how ADV7480 detect these information.

Counting some time with ADV7480 main CLK?

Or just count pixel CLK?

Please give me some information.



What is different between this.


  • total_line_width[13:0], HDMI RX Map, Address 0x1E[5:0]; Address 0x1F[7:0] (Read Only)
  • field0_total_height[13:0], HDMI RX Map, Address 0x26[5:0]; Address 0x27[7:0] (Read Only)
  • field1_total_height[13:0], HDMI RX Map, Address 0x28[5:0]; Address 0x29[7:0] (Read Only)


  • line_width[12:0], HDMI RX Map, Address 0x07[4:0]; Address 0x08[7:0] (Read Only)
  • field0_height[12:0], HDMI RX Map, Address 0x09[4:0]; Address 0x0A[7:0] (Read Only)
  • field1_height[12:0], HDMI RX Map, Address 0x0B[4:0]; Address 0x0C[7:0] (Read Only)


I think total means it includes blanking area and others don't include blanking area(only active area).

Is my understanding correct?

Best regards