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HMC703 synchronization

Question asked by odsanchezg on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by dyoung1
Hi all,


I'm using 2 HMC703 which I'm trying to synchronize. They will be work in Sweep mode to generate either 2-way or 1-way ramps.


For my particular application, I require strict timing synchronization: the beginning of the ramp in one HMC should be delayed with respect to the beginning of the ramp in the other HMC by some nano seconds.


My idea was to delay the TRIG signals between both HMC. However, this post:


suggest that this could not be done very easily.


* Is it possible to, providing that the same XREFP is given to both devices (equal PCB length), to master the uncertainty about the instant when both ramps begin?
* Which clock is used to sample the TRIG signal? I understand that it's a divided version of XREFP. If so, it's divided by which factor?


* It seems that there is no set up and hold time specification for sampling TRIG.


* Is there any other component more suitable for my application?


Thanks in advance,