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JTAG pinout for using Altera UsbBlaster on BF609 EZ-BOARD

Question asked by AlekseyPogorelov on Apr 24, 2018
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I'm a little bit confused on how to properly connect Altera UsbBlaster to BF609 EZ-BOARD. Tool named bfin-jtag (of bfin linux toolchain) can properly detect UsbBlaster so it should be possible to use, but it has 10 pin connector while board JTAG connector has 14 pins.

So i looked at the board schematics and ICE-1000 pinout:

EZ-BOARD JTAG connectorICE-1000 pinout

Also also there's this table from UsbBlaster:


So i get it i should connect TMS, TDI, TDO, TCK to their relatives, but do i need to connect anything to EMU and TRST? Does bfin-jtag use this signals via UsbBlaster? I couldn't find anything about it. And not less importantly: pin 1 on the ICE is GND - isn't it a mistake? Shouldn't it be Vcc instead as on the board and be connected to Vcc pin of UsbBlaster?


Thank you for your time