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Cause of inconsistent AD9164 DAC Eval Card Output in Subclass 1?

Question asked by MikeC on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by deljones

I have a KCU105 connected to an AD9164_FMCC_EBZ and I'm operating in Subclass 1. I can get successful JESD link, but only occasionally an output.


Some combination of IRQ_SYSREF_JITTER, IRQ_DATA_READY and IRQ_LANE_FIFO are asserted but I've noticed IRQ_DATA_READY is the only one that indicates failure. I've had an output when IRQ_SYSREF_JITTER and IRQ_LANE_FIFO are asserted (tried clearing by writing 0xFF but doesn't always clear).


What could cause it to work sometimes?