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Rotary encoder on ADAU1467 Eval board

Question asked by WolfT on Apr 21, 2018
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I'm having problems with getting a rotary encoder working on the 1467 evaluation board (same problem on an 1466 board). I have followed all examples I could find in the Forum, but nothing seems to work. I'm using MP14, 15 as input (intercepted them on the board at the dip switch). I have configured them as inputs and when I turn the encoder can see the odd 1 turning up on both ports. Checking with an Oscilloscope I get two nice pulses (90 degree offset ) coming out of the encoder. In regards to the table, I'm lost as what needs to go in there? I tried values from 0 - 1 and also values 0 - 15, doesn't make any difference. I have tried the Volume module with integrated encoder and have build it with  encoder, up/dow LUT and Volume module again no difference (later one attached)

I'm missing something?  Hope some one can help me out.