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ADI HDL reference for RS SOM - Can't find DDS

Question asked by MichaelBrewin on Apr 20, 2018
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I've managed to build the ADI RF SOM project (adrv9361z7035/ccfmc_lvds) from the latest ADI Github repository with no issues, usign CYGWIN. The result of 'make' ended up with both a "system_top.HDF" file and a Xilinx Vivado ".xpr" file. 


Opening the .XPR design in Vivado I can see what looks to be a fairly complete block-diagram, including the AXI_ADI9361_v10:1.0 block and other support blocks that  make good sense, such as ;

Hp0_interconnects, axi_hdmi core, axi_adc_dma, axi_dac_dma, etc.


However, I expected to be able to find one or more DDS blocks that I think must be present, since these are used by the example apps. I think DDS comes from Xilinx rather than ADI. The documentation for PicoZed SDR - now ADI RF SOM suggests that the ADI9361_core block includes some (Xilinx?) DDS modules that can be selected for the transmit path.


I can't seem to expand the AXI_ADI9361 block to see these, (not that is it called the 'core' like in the diagram )

Q0  so I'm wondering if all of the modules collectively would be called the AD9361_core in ADI's terminology ?


Either way - I'm surprised to find that I can't see anything called .dds in blocks or files names.


Q1 Please can somebody explain if the DDS elements are sub-blocks of the "AXI_AD9361" block, or what I am missing.


Q2 Please can somebody then add some lines to the WIKI documentation to show how the ADI HDL

      reference code matches closely to the pictures published for PicoZed, ADI RF SOM.


Q3 So far I have been unabel to find any clear reference for what the ADI HDL reference code actually offers / includes.

Its there ,but with little description.  Is there such a page on the WIKI..? I have stepped though all the WIKI guides I can find.

{ Xilinx Vivado block diagram does show these blocks quite well }




Many Thanks,

(New to SDR) Michael