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Question asked by zhiyongzhang on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by pkern

I am using AD9548 in my design, but the DPLL can't locked.
In attachment, code.txt is my c code, configure.stp is generated by evaluation software.
After configured AD9548 with my c code, I read data from 0x0D01~0x0D19, and data are as follow:
reg 0x0d01 : 0x11
reg 0x0d02 : 0x00
reg 0x0d03 : 0x08
reg 0x0d04 : 0x40
reg 0x0d05 : 0x10
reg 0x0d06 : 0x00
reg 0x0d07 : 0xe0
reg 0x0d08 : 0x00
reg 0x0d09 : 0x00
reg 0x0d0a : 0x42
reg 0x0d0b : 0x03
reg 0x0d0c : 0x07
reg 0x0d0d : 0x07
reg 0x0d0e : 0x87
reg 0x0d0f : 0x88
reg 0x0d10 : 0x07
reg 0x0d11 : 0x07
reg 0x0d12 : 0x07
reg 0x0d13 : 0x07
reg 0x0d14 : 0x00
reg 0x0d15 : 0x00
reg 0x0d16 : 0x00
reg 0x0d17 : 0x00
reg 0x0d18 : 0x00
reg 0x0d19 : 0x00


Can you help me to analyse the reason?

Thank you.