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Interfacing the AD9136 and ADRF6780

Question asked by KeithClark on Apr 20, 2018
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We intend using the AD9136 dual DAC to feed the ADRF6780 modulator via a differential filter with a base band signal to get an RF output directly at 8 GHz.

I have two questions:-

1). If using the base band I/P's on the ADRF6780 how are the IF ports terminated? Are they left floating or terminated in 50 Ohms?

2). The AD9136 has a compliance voltage of -250mV to +750mV and the ADRF6780 requires an input offset voltage of 0.5 volts. Is there a recommended way of interfacing these two opposing requirements whilst maintaining the best DAC resolution? I guess there are passive or transformer options available?

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