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LTC4015 Li-ion charger issues

Question asked by Kengo on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Kengo

HI team,


we are designed, 7 cells Li-ion batteries and chem 0 and 1 are selected to li-ion programmable, Each cell battery voltage is 3.7 v Total 7 cells voltage is 25.9v, we charging the battery we need 28.5 voltage.But battery is not charging in our PCB design board , we have LTC4015 demo board in this board battery is charging.


we are compared both the board schematic, components and components ratings, all are same but only difference is inductor ,the demo board inductor is 10uH and our Designed board is inductor 6.8uH


our designed board is not charging the battery, LTC4015 Ic is switching between input and battery  to Vsys, whichever is greater voltage,Input is greter than the battery voltage is not switching input  to battery terminal,It means Buck part is not work properly please suggest us ,How to solve?


Thanks in advance