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Using Demorad

Question asked by DFGreg on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by aandrews

I have an eval-demorad kit that I would like to use for detecting and positioning small objects (roughly paint can size).  I'm not an RF engineer nor do I have any interest in developing a custom radar solution, I just want to use the demorad as a sensor in this project.


The documentation that comes with the demorad kit is pretty sparse.  There are things like "Initialise and Measure in the Range-Doppler tab", with no explanation of how to interpret the data.


Is there any documentation that explains how to make sense of the various displays in the software as well as what the different parameters mean?  Once/if I can get an understanding of the sensor using the provided gui is there any documentation that describes how to access the data on either the UCB or CAN port so that I can hook it up to an embedded system?