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AD7190 multiple read

Question asked by greatteao on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by JellenieR

Hi all,

in my application I have to read data twice from AD7190 consecutively by two different microcontrollers.

Unfortunately I could not use interrupt on DRY pin and I could not polling it due to strictly timing requirements.

I am using AD7190 evaluation board and I correctly read and write all the registers.

At the moment I am just trying the following code


AD7190 data rate = 480 Hz


           test_one= AD7190_GetRegisterValue(AD7190_REG_DATA, 3, 0);
           test_two=AD7190_GetRegisterValue(AD7190_REG_DATA, 3, 0);


delay(3); delay 3 ms


The code works for some minutes then the DOUT/DRY pin stuck high. I notices that this issue happens when the reading are done in proximity of a new AD7190 conversion. Indeed when I slow the datarate e.g 10 Hz the code works good.


As I understood reading AD7190 data register while it s been updating could stuck the SPI I right?


Thanks for your help


Best regards