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Looking for an Impedance analyzer interfaceable with arduino

Question asked by Ar@sh on Apr 19, 2018
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Please ignore if it is not the right place for this question.


I am looking for an impedance analyzer that is interfaceable with arduino. My final goal is to develop an Electrical Impedance Tomography system. I am looking for a suggestion for a readily available Impedance analyzer interfaceable with arduino (i want to put less effort here cause lots of work needed on side of EIT system and image reconstruction). To my understanding :


1. Eval ebz-ad5933 board is not feasible option. (no easy way to interface with arduino). 

2. About pMod IA, i am not sure if the measurement accuracy is suitable enough (although i will highly appreciate if anyone could share the whole process).

3. Bare ad5933 chip is a good option.  (I will highly appreciate if anyone could share how to interface the chip with arduino, although some codes are readily available like AD5933 Arduino Library Functions · WuMRC/drive Wiki · GitHub , autoimpedance/measureImpedance.ino at master · open-ephys/autoimpedance · GitHub , i need help with the circuit  scheme.)


And please recommend if you know of any other options that will serve my purpose. 


Thank you.