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ADC9208-3000EBZ resolution question

Question asked by TERRY123 on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by UmeshJ

I am using AD9208-3000EBZ+ADS7-V2EBZ with ACE program.


I set configuration as below.

i am using DDC mode with NCO = 1GHz, ADC sampling frequency = 3GHz, ADC analog input = 1GHz.

My configuration M = 2(I,Q) L=8 F=1 S=2 HD=1 N= 16 N'=16 CS = 0 by reading registers.


Then, Is the resolution of AD9208 16 bit now with this configuration? but in datasheet, the resolution of AD9208 is 14bit and can be configured from 7 to 16!. 


the result of FFT is as below