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(Video decoder)When inputting full differential, is the network resistance really 150 ohm?

Question asked by donadona999s on Apr 18, 2018
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I have some question about ADI Video decoder.

Our customer are planing to use ADV728xA-M for automotive rear camera.

Our customer are TIER1 and OEM said that output impedance will be 75Ohm differential and the amplitude will be 1Vpp-Diff.

* I am confirming this to my customer and OEM.


I wrote a simple picture.

I asked about network resistor many time.

(Video decoder)Full differential connect 

But I want make sure.



If our customer use 75Ohm differential CVBS source, should they use 75Ohm for R1?

Our should they use 150Ohm?

If they should use 150Ohm I think impedance matching is not secure so please tell us why we have to chose 150Ohm.



Our customer is planing to use ADV728xA-M.

But I also saw the ADV 7182 data sheet for reference information.

At ADV7182 datasheet p13, it say us to use 150Ohm for Full-differential.

But at datasheet P31, it says us to use 75Ohm.

Which is correct?

If 150Ohm is correct, why figure 24 shows us to use 75Ohm?


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