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Blackfin561 Link failed

Question asked by ZYF0909 on Apr 18, 2018
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This is my first time using Visual DSP.  I am trying to implement a audio processing base on the Example in \ADSP-BF561 EZ-KIT Lite\Services\Flags\LEDButton


I made a few modifications to the project,and I get this basic error when I try to compile:


[Warning li2060] The following input section(s) that contain program code
and/or data have not been placed into the executable for processor 'p0'
as there are no relevant commands specified in the LDF:


[Error li1060] The following symbols are referenced, but not mapped:
'_zero' referenced from corea.dlb[save_example.doj](program)

Linker finished with 1 error and 1 warning
cc3089: fatal error: Link failed


I hope somebody can help me.


If I change the following part in file "LEDButton.c"

   "section("L2_sram") float zero[1350]; "


   "section("L1_data_b") float zero[1350]; "


than it can work

Can somebody tell me how to change the .ldf in order to using L2 memory?