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(ADV728xA-M)What will happen if only DVDDIO drop to 0V?

Question asked by donadona999s on Apr 18, 2018
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Hi !

Our customer are planing to use ADV7281 or ADV7282A-M for automotive.

They are now doing evaluation and at their prototype, maybe sometime only DVDDIO will be off.

Would it cause any problem?


At datasheet P14, this is written.

"ensure that a lower rated supply does not go above a higher rated supply level."



I think this means if only DVDDIO drop to 0V, it will be lower than 1.8 power and it will Violate the data sheet.

Is my understanding correct?



At the datasheet, 

It look if only DVDD drop 0V, it will violate absolute maximum rating.

But if only DVDDIO drop to 0V, it won't violate absolute maximum rating.

Would it be problem?

If it would be problem, what will happen?

Some ESD device will turn on?


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