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(ADuM14x)Can ADuM14x support 3kVrms?

Question asked by donadona999s on Apr 18, 2018
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Hi !


Our customer are planing to use ADuM141 QSOP for automotive.

They asked me two questions to me so let me ask you.



For ADuM141 QSOP, please tell me about the behavior of the IC when the voltage difference of few hundred(500~600) volts occurs on the primary side and the secondary side.

I think if few hundreds is DC, it wouldn't cause any problem.

AC test have more energy than DC so I think DC voltage between primary and secondary will be OK.

Is my understanding correct?



Our customer want to know that does 3.2mm Creepage means this device can support 3.2kVrms. 

My understanding is that this is just one of the insulation standard.

Table 15 shows us that ADuM14x already passed many standard.

And the standard value for the insulation is 3kVrms. That's it.

So I am thinking to answer to my customer like this.

"3.2mm and 3kVrms at Table.11 doesn't mean ADuM14x can support 3kVrms any time.

 It only says that it passes the 3 kVrms isolation standard.

 And please be careful that 3kVrms is for 1-min duration.

 The written notation means that the device can withstand voltage application at 3 kVrms for 1 minute.
 In addition, all devices apply a voltage of 3600 Vrms, confirming

 that there is no dielectric breakdown by shipment inspection."

Is my understanding correct?

Do you have any additional comments?



I look for the UL and other result but as Table 15 said, the status is Pending.

Do you have any plan to pass UL1577 3kV?



At this report, the value is 3.5mm.

But the device creepage is 3.2mm.

Is 3.5mm PCB clearance?


Best regards