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ADV7612 ESD issue

Question asked by 涂玉山 on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by 涂玉山

1.the customer use ADV7612+FPGA to implement the LED DOT display video signal process (Outdoor LED advertising display),  the whole system in a 1U  case. When human fingers touch(static electricity of body) the case's chassis at winter/autumn, the cusomer's screen display a snow point screen and can't recover to a normal display in the screen. And test ADV7612's output, there's no TMDS signals(the customer's code&register setting referrence our recommend setting ).


The whole signal folw: HDMI -->ADV7612-->FPGA-->internet access to the LED  dot display Driver board.


We tried to use our EVAL-ADV7612-7511 for customer's test and we use it to run AVES3& ADV7612-VER.2.9c_AVEB script the ADV7511 can output TMDS normal, but if we take a electrostatic interference at the metal case HDMI input socket, the screen under the balck display, and we check the LLC clock wave as below:

and re-run the EDID/script in AVES3  , there's no reaction from the EVAL board. 


Is there any solve solution or advice for  this application issue ?