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[ADV7511W] HSYNC generation

Question asked by Tamu on Apr 17, 2018
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I have a question about ADV7511W.


When the sync inputs are only Vsync and DE (Hsync is not input), can ADV7511W work properly?


My customer asks us this question.
I see the "4.3.6 DE, Hsync and Vsync Generation" section on "ADV7511W_Programming_Guide.pdf".
It says there are 3 modes which are "Separate Hsync, Vsync, and DE", "Embedded Syncs (SAV and EAV)" and "Separate Hsync and Vsync only".
In this customer's case, the inputs are only Vsync and DE (Hsync is not input). And it is no Embedded Syncs (SAV and EAV).
So I think this customer's case is not acceptable for ADV7511W.
But I'm not sure, so I ask this question.
If ADV7511W can accept this case, could you tell me the register settings for it?

Thank you!
Best regards.