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ADF4158 Configuration-software: How to decode the configfiles

Question asked by QWERTZthe1. on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by QWERTZthe1.

Dear Community,

I am trying to use the Analog Devices ADF4158/9/69 PLL configuration-software for programming an ADF4158 synthesizer. However I have no eval board. Instead I use the eval board from another company that contains the ADF4158 which I’ve connected to a µC for programming the registers of that synthesizer. Currently I copy and paste the register values from the form of the configuration- software into another home-brew interface for programming the mentioned µC. I would feel better if I could use the config-files generated by that configuration-software. However I don’t see how the values inside the config-file are related to the values of the mask provided by the software. I would be very glad if someone would share his knowledge on how to decode the config files.