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Using the ADALM-JTAGUART with Xilinx Vivado/SDK

Question asked by Superluminal on Apr 17, 2018
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Hi all,


I've just received my ADALM-PLUTO and would like to use it to try and use it to build an ADSB Mode-S receiver. The plan is to use the Pluto as a "bare board" and implement my own design, i.e. custom VHDL and C using the Xilinx Vivado/SDK for the on board Zynq. It's an ambitious project, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!


I need to fit a JTAG header and was planning to buy the ADALM-JTAGUART, but have two "simple" questions...


1. Is this device compatible with Vivado? i.e. will it be recognised or do I have to use it in conjunction with another JTAG programmer?


2. Does the device export the on board Pluto UART as a Virtual COM port?


Many thanks!