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ADAU1701, About generate the binary firmware file for Linux

Question asked by hiro@els on Apr 17, 2018
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Our users are controlling ADAU1701 from HostCPU with Linux.
When generating the binary firmware file using Peak (gain) Block included in SigmaStudio,
the following Error message will be occurred.

ERROR: Control name 'xxxxxxxx' is to long. Maximum length is 43 characters
   - 'xxxxxxxx' is parameter name.

I checked the xml file (automatically generated by SigmaStudio) used to generate the binary firmware file,
but the Module parameter name exceeds 43 characters.

Ex) MonoPeak_StResHiRange_NoExtDet_NoPos_2ndGen1

Please let me know the solution to this Error.

If you have a question, please let me know.