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BF548 USB DMA Mode 1 transfers on endpoint 0

Question asked by WayneUroda on Dec 11, 2011
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I am using BF548 as a USB host. The device I am connecting to does all bulk data movement over endpoint zero. The BF548 hardware reference manual is unclear about EP0 supporting DMA mode 1 transactions. I know EP0 supports DMA mode 0 transactions as I can do them, but I cannot perform mode 1 transactions. I believe this is because the USB_CSR0 register does not contain the bits needed for mode 1 (AUTOSET_T, DMAREQ_ENA_T, DMAREQMODE_T). Can you tell me if DMA mode 1 tranfers are supported on EP0, and if so, how do I set up the EP0 control registers to enable this.




- Wayne