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Question asked by liuyang123123 on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by liuyang123123

Hello, I have a Zedboard and ad9265fmc card, when I use the PS SPI interface connect the ad9265 and ad9517-4, everything works good, the Linux driver can run, and adi OSC application works good. 

When I change to connect to AXI QSPI to connect the ad9265 and ad9517-4, standard SPI, master mode, Frequency Ratio 16x2,  I can read reg use xspi_polled_example(attachment xspi_polled_example.c) in SDK, and reg read value is correct, but when I run the Linux, the spi device cannot probe, like bellow:


root@analog:~# dmesg | grep spi
ad9517 spi32766.1: SPI transfer timed out
ad9517: probe of spi32766.1 failed with error -110


I want to know what should I do for this error, how does this happen?

Thanks a lot.

by liuyang.