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Scrambler in ad9371 JESD204

Question asked by DmitriiS on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by DmitriiS

Hello. I'm working with EVA-board ADRV9371 and my custom board with Altera ArriaV fpga.

I realised my custom JESD204 interface.
I used No-OS Software.
All works fine without scrambler, but when I started to use scrambler I see scrambled CGS and ILAS data.
But in JESD204 standard and AD9371 User Guide written that only user data should be scrambled.
When I use scrambler on CGS state I see 0xE4 data but not 0xBC (K28.5).
Can U describe me how scrambler works on AD9371?