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I have some HMC545AETR straight from the packet. They all have 2 Ohm between RFC and RF1 and RF2 regardless of 5V control signals on A and B. Any ideas?

Question asked by diy89 on Apr 16, 2018
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I want to use the HMC545 to switch an 80MHz RF signal at about 2Vpp on/off. I have replicated the circuit with the 74HC04 (5V supply) as shown in the data sheet, connecting RF input to RF1 and taking output from RFC, all on 50 ohm lines. However, the switch seems to be a short circuit regardless of the state of the control signals, which I have checked are getting to the pins 4 & 6. Subsequently, I took a device straight from the packet and found that pin 5 to 1 and pin 5 to 3 , are both 2 Ohm. I have replaced all devices with no luck. Any ideas?