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HMC996LP4E Footprint

Question asked by AkiraO on Apr 16, 2018
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I'd like to confirm a footprint for HMC996LP4E. We got the footprint (BXL data) for HMC996LP4E from ADI WEB site. Could you please refer attached file (HMC996LP4E.png)? I think it don't much for HMC996LP4E. Then I checked the

footprint (BXL data) for HMC694LP4E on ADI WEB site.  Could you please refer attached file (HMC694LP4E.png)?

HMC996LP4E and HMC694LP4E are same package. But the recommended footprint is not same.


Could you please advise me I can use the footprint for HMC694LP4E as a footprint for HMC996LP4E?


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