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AD8361 dynamic range

Question asked by ku637 on Dec 11, 2011
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Im a novice in RF.Im trying to use RMS detector AD8361.


my operating conditions are like Vs=5V,freq=500MHz.CW,ref 50Ohm impedance.


Im confused about dynamic range specified in datasheet..

The datasheet specifies a dynamic range of 30dB with +/- 2dB error in detection for Vs =5V.


It also specifies that the linear response upper limit is 9.4dBm for Vs=5V & ref 50Ohm impedance.


So does it translates that with +/-2dB error i can detect power of inpout signals from 9.4dBm to -20.6dBm.??


Am i right in saying so..or is my understanding is not correct...


Thanks for any help,


Im also attaching my test results which shows great deviations after -22dBm ( my input signal range was from 0 to -27dBm)ad8361.jpg