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Arria10 AD9371 IIO Scope issues

Question asked by ACozma Employee on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by DragosB

Someone asked by email:


After building an SD card image and boot-up the Arria10 & AD9371 system there are issues with IIO Oscilloscope. Here are the stats below:


QSYS 17.0 Project:   AD9371 Arria10 Project (\hdl\projects\adrv9371x\a10soc) - ADI HDL Repo tag: hdl_2017_r1

Altera-Linux Branch:

Device Tree:  socfpga_arria10_socdk_adrv9371.dts I am taking this directly and not modifying it or adding any additional device-tree content.

IIO Oscilloscope version:  Library version: 0.9 (git tag: 90075e6)


When opening up IIO-Scope it takes a long time to connect. During this time I see error messages show up:

[  993.187069] ERROR: 40: Invalid ObsRx channel in setObsRxManualGain().

[ 1489.054760] ERROR: 40: Invalid ObsRx channel in setObsRxManualGain().


All the devices appear correctly in the Rx scopes.


But when trying to view data I get the following error

New client connected from

ERROR: Reading from device failed: -110


I can interact with the UI and see values change (ie: hardware gain and RSSI updates), I have not thoroughly gone through every parameter however.


I’ve attached an iio_info and a dmesg log. I did not see anything too glaring in there. IIO_INFO does report a few error messages but I’m not sure what they indicate or if they’re benign


IIO Info:


9 device-specific attributes found:

                attr  0: calibrate_tx_lol_ext_en value: 0

                attr  1: calibrate_rx_qec_en value: 0

                attr  2: gain_table_config ERROR: Permission denied (-13)

                attr  3: ensm_mode_available value: radio_on radio_off

                attr  4: calibrate ERROR: Input/output error (-5)


    2 debug attributes found:

                debug attr  0: pseudorandom_err_check value: CH0 : PN9 : Out of Sync : PN Error

CH1 : PN9 : Out of Sync : PN Error

CH2 : PN9 : Out of Sync : PN Error

CH3 : PN9 : Out of Sync : PN Error



Help/guidance would be appreciated.