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Samples not being displayed on IIO Oscope plot for 2016_r2 ref. design

Question asked by beamer.ce1 on Apr 12, 2018
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I have successfully downloaded the 2016_r2 software (released 06.29.17) image, generated an SD card with the image, copied the BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb files from the zynq-adrv9361-z7035-bob folder into the root, inserted this SD Card into the PicoZed SDR SoM SD Card carrier and successfully booted Linaro Linux 14.04.

Once Linux has booted, I have also successfully used the Windows-based IIO Oscope client to communicate with the PicoZed SDR SoM and utilize all the features of the IIO Oscope application including using thre "Debug" tab to read/write to any of the AD9361 registers as well as viewing and storing samples from a single tone CW tone using the Time Domain, Frequency Domain, Constellation and Cross Correlation plot types.

I have also downloaded the files from the hdl-2016_r2 and have used Vivado 2016.2 to synthesize and implement the "pzsdr2_ccbrk_lvds" reference design project for the PicoZed board mounted on a breakout board carrier.  I then took the "system_top.bit" bitstream file and used the "cat system_top_bit > /dev/xdevcfg" command to configure the FPGA with this newly generated .bit file.  The blue "config_done" LED temporarily does turn off during configuration but quickly does turn on again indicating the FPGA was successfully configured.

I'm also able to successfully open the IIO Oscope application and use the "Debug" tab to successfully read and write to any of the AD9361 registers.  However, when open up a new Plot window and attempt to view any of the four (4) voltage inputs (voltage 0 - 3) under the cf-ad9361-lpc device, no samples are seen on the display and when I do a "Save as" of the samples to a .csv file, all the samples are zero (0).

Are there any known issues for reading I/Q samples from the AD9361 using the Windows-based IIO Oscope client for the 2016_r2 release of the Vivado reference design when the .bit file is loaded from a Linux system that is already booted?  Perhaps I need to restart something once the .bit file has been loaded manually?  

BTW - I'm using the latest version of IIO Oscope (v0.7).

Any feedback would be appreciated and I look forward to your response.

- Brad