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FMCOMMS5 getting error -9 on iio_buffer_refill()

Question asked by Hrvoje on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Hrvoje

I'm testing FMCOMMS5 streaming capabilities by using ad9361-iiostream.c example. I've modified example to support reading/writing on all 16 channel (8RX, 8TX). I can compile and run my streaming app several times before i receive error -9 on iio_buffer_refill() function call. After i get that error, my app stops working and i can't even use IIO Oscilliscope app to tx/rx samples from FMCOMMS5 - only solution is to reboot ZC706.


I'm using FMCOMMS5 platform on ZC706, SD card image version  2017_R1 without any modifications. My streaming app is running on host PC, and it's connecting to target platform via ethernet (network backend).