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DCXO coarse word and fine word

Question asked by Manas@98 on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by sripad

The DCXO coarse word and fine word are set to 8, 5920 in the ad9361 parameters structure.From the figure in the UG570 it corresponds to slightly less than 40MHZ.Is it possible to know exact value of XO frequency corresponding to

particular coarse word and fine word


By some elementary experiments We found that the frequency offset between them is around 500Hz(for a carrier frequency of 860MHz). Is it possible to cancel the frequency offset by adjusting the DCXO fine words.


for 860MHz 860Hz corresponds to 1ppm.500 Hz corresponds to 500/860=0.58ppm


If i just increase fine word by 1 corresponds to 0.0125ppm(=0.5Hz) by varying DCXO fine word by (0.58/0.0125)=43

=>5920+43 on the receiver side should i be able to cancel the offset.


 can you suggest any other way of canceling frequency offset other than using same reference clock.We have used that technique(providing common clock) it worked properly.We want to do it without external clock.