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BIG Phase Shift When Measuring with ADE7758

Question asked by Harry077 on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Harry077

Hi everybody!


Recently I've been working on phase calibration with ADE7758. I have an algorithm that works pretty good, but I've been worried as when measuring phase A under a 3-wire Delta configuration with resistive load it seems to acumulate very little in AWATTHR (like 2048 d) and an order of magnitud bigger in AVARHR, only possible if a big phase shift exist. The Load is connected in wye, and a there is indeed a phase shift between VAB and IA of 30 degrees (which is correct), but I have like 54 DEGREES ERROR to compensate! (I'm measuring 84 degrees)


The extrange thing is when measuring VCB and IC, I have a more reasonable result, with a measured angule of -37 degrees, only 7 degrees error...


I am using phase B as reference in my system, the conection used is the one shown in AN-639 for 3-wire DELTA and the COMPOMODE register is set 0x00.


Hope someone can give me a hand with this!